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Organic Hair Color FAQ's!

Clients often ask what makes Organic Colour Systems hair color different for regular professional color. Below is a repost of some FAQ's from the products site for easy reference!

Organic Salon Systems is the world’s only hair color that is:

• Truly Salon Exclusive & ammonia free

• Supreme 100% Resistent Grey Coverage

• Exclusive Certified Organic Ingredients

• Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA

• Guaranteed Supreme Performance

• Rich with Nutrients, Antioxidants, Vitamins, & Amino Acids.

What makes Organic Colour Systems different?

The key difference with Organic Colour Sytems is that not only is the base of the color (the main ingredient) alkaline, so it raises the pH of the hair, but it is also a conditioning agent so it softens the cuticle at the same time. This softening process means that OCS is able to work at a far lower pH and is a far gentler way to color the hair than ammonia-based colors.

How does Organic Colour Systems process without ammonia?

Unlike ammonia which operates at a high pH and swells the cuticle literally forcing the pigments into the hair, Organic Color Systems moisturizes the hair which softens the cuticle, allowing it to open at a lower pH and enabling the color to wind itself through the layers of cuticle.

What does Organic Color Systems replace ammonia with?

There are no “natural brands” other than henna powder. Our claim is that OCS is manufactured “as naturally as possible without compromising its effectiveness”. We export to 40 countries and visit most of them on a regular basis so we are aware of the vast majority of permanent hair colors on the market and have analysed most of them. We believe that we are more natural especially, as far as we are aware, we are the only permanent hair color that contains certified organic ingredients.

Why drop the pigment levels?

The main concern is the fact that there are quite a few people that are allergic to PPDs and PTDs. Most allergic reactions occur using darker shades and as these have a higher percentage of pigments, it makes sense to reduce these levels as much as possible.

How does Organic Colour Systems have dramatically lower PPD's but still give professional results?

A high pH is an extremely effective method of opening the cuticle as it is generally opened to such an extent as to allow the color to flood into the cortex. Ammonia, as well as raising the pH, when mixed with peroxide, neutralises the existing color pigments in the hair to a greater degree and therefore more pigment is needed. Also, as a result of the cuticle remaining open, the percentage of pigment in the color needs to be as high as possible, as a relatively high percentage of the color will be lost when rinsing off at the backwash.This is why we are able to dramatically reduce PPD levels; we do not lose the same level of color as we don’t open the cuticle to the same degree.

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